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IÑAKI SALOM graduated in Fine Arts with major in Painting and “Structure, Image and Environment” at the Faculty of Fine Art of the Universityt of Barcelona.

As a painter he has exhibited his work in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has been awarded and granted both nationally and internationally.

After his career as a teacher of Plastic Arts, he studied jewelry in the Official Association of Jewellers of Catalunya (JORGC) and opened his shop and workshop in the District of Gràcia in Barcelona in 2007 where he permanently exhibits his collections.

His studies and professional experience in the world of advertising and communication give him a conceptual and technical training fundamental in his creative dynamics and definetely influence his work and creations where he often uses an imaginary of references built on the Pop culture: graphic design, signs, signals and street furniture, television test charts, typography, toys, etc., as well as pieces inspired in the minimalism of architecture.

The fusion of design, art, architecture and jewellery are part of a multidisciplinary concept where the limits are not marked in the traditional way.